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  1. We thought not that many years ago that once the kinks had been worked out that every restaurant would adopt digital menu boards, at least those at least one step below fine dining. Whether they were for everything and at every table or just one unifying board, it would be widely adopted. Now we see this movement has gone significantly more slowly than the original “wildfire” predictions. Still coming up, still doing well, but the food service game is a tough one. Lots of competition, and making a retro-fit is a much bigger investment than a new restaurant starting from here. We still continue to do well in this arena (http://www.fourwindsinteractive.com), but the bigger clients–while fewer–aren’t as limited by budget constraints. Our two cents, anyway. Thanks.

    • Great comments David. I agree, there is a lot of competition and it is an investment that many smaller businesses have a hard time justifying.

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