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Quick Overview

One Professional animated menu for a digital menu board specifically crafted to showcase your unique menu and develop your restaurants brand! Excellent for all software where you can update text on your own like Wondersign or Scala. Menu Board Depot’s outstanding graphic design team will satisfy your digital menu board needs. Whether it’s menu templates, a custom menu for a unique menu need, advanced templates for special software or even animated menus, Menu Board Depot has the expert knowledge and professional skills to complete the job.


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How do we work?

What can you expect from MENU BOARD DEPOT to make your digital menu board specific to your brand? Below you will learn how we perform the magic just for you.

1.) We communicate:

We listen intently to your needs and goals then come to an understanding how to accomplish your digital menu needs.

2.) We assemble information:

We will be asking you to send us pictures of food you are serving and pictures of the place. Logo file will be also required. This enables us to create a brand specific digital menu for your business.

Materials needed Format
menu items – editable text (from which we can copy text) .txt .doc .xls or website
pictures – we may offer our stock images jpg, min 700px h or width, good lighting, low noise
logotype, best if vector or large jpg jpg (min 700px), eps, pdf (vector), ai
if possible old menu design jpg, min 700px h or width
pictures of the place so we can see the ambiance and style jpg, max 0,5MB each photo
share what kind of style you would like to add to build your brand text
other: size of the screen and resolution

3.) We send you a prototype:

We will send you a confirmation email that your order is being processed. You then will receive 2 variations of a design for you to study and let us know what you think. This way we can be sure to match the right ambiance and style.

After reviewing your custom menu, you will then have (3) choices:

  1. You can accept the custom menu template as is.
  2. You may ask for changes to be made on the custom menu template proposition you received from us (you will be able to ask for two batches of changes up to 25% for each or one up to 50%).
  3. You will be able to ask for a different custom menu proposition. (max 1 menu) to which you will be able to do two batches of changes up to 25% for each.

4.) Completion:

If corrections are needed we will make them. Upon your satisfaction, we send you the menu so you can install it, or we can set it up for you. There it is, your specific and dynamic menu for your business. We appreciate any pictures of your menu board for our gallery.

5.)How much costs editing menus after they been completed? Or how much will cost me extending changes?

amount of changes price
full update more than 1/4 $75
medium update less than 1/4 $50
small update less than 1/8 $30