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2×40″ Wondersign Package

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Quick Overview

– 6 month Wondersign application
– 2 Samsung H40B displays
– 2 x Templates in same style
– 2 x Cenique – C410 Media Players
– 2 x Monoprice – 10473 tilting wall mounts
– 2 x C2G – 1m HDMI cables

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Wondersign 2 players license.

Wondersign enables its clients to easily create new content using the integrated Template Editor. Users may exchange the text and images of any template and use the resulting graphics as digital signage content.Chef’s and managers can showcase their best fare in a way customers will notice. Position your attention getting displays and professional grade display mounts precisely where your customers order so their attention is drawn directly to the custom designed menus focusing on what you need to sell.



2 x Samsung H40B

The 40″ displays are an attention getting Samsung H40B, LED edge-lit, commercial-grade display. This model’s edge-lit LED backlighting allows for reduced power consumption, a thinner depth, a smaller bezel and lighter weight. Built-in low-profile 10 watt speakers will enhance your digital menu with superior sound.



2 x Cenique – C410 Media Player with Wondersign

The Cenique IntelliSense Media Player is the perfect choice for virtually any single screen digital signage application. Leveraging the increasingly popular Android OS means no need to catalog search for the “right” model media player for your application since the IntelliSense player is delivered with today’s must have standard features. Plus, the IntelliSense Player comes delivered preloaded with popular Wondersign player.

custon templates

2 x Templates in same style
The custom designed template will allow you to showcase your unique menu how you feel necessary for improved sales and brand development.
Position your attention getting display and professional grade display mount precisely where your customers order so their attention is drawn directly to the custom designed menu focusing on what you need to sell on your restaurant digital menu board.



2 x Monoprice – 10473 

The Monoprice – 10473 tilting wall mount bracket has the ability to tilt up to 10 degrees upward and 15 degrees downward, making it ideal for overhead restaurant digital menu boards. The Monoprice – 10473 tilting wall mount features a security bracket, which prevents removal of the digital menu board from the mount (padlock not included). The Monoprice – 10473 tilting wall mount has undergone extensive safety testing and has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which ensures that it will perform safely and reliably.



2 x C2G – 1m HDMI cables 

The matching display mount is a C2G – 1m VS high speed w/ethernet HDMI cable – his quality-made cable delivers a crisp, clear audio/video signal for less. This cable type offers the same baseline performance as the High Speed HDMI Cable, plus an additional, dedicated data channel, known as the HDMI Ethernet Channel, for device networking. HDMI Ethernet Channel functionality is only available if both linked devices are HDMI Ethernet Channel-enabled.