Samsung – RM40D & Premier Mounts – TL60-RTM Combo

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– 1 Samsung-RM40D SMART Signage TV
– 1 Premier Mounts-TL60-RTM stand

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Position your Samsung – RM40D SMART Signage TV & Premier Mounts – TL60-RTM Combo any where you want to influence your customers into purchasing your menu specials.

Place them at the beginning of the line to speed up the order process, use them at counters to sell special items or display them in your restaurant’s waiting room to influence your customers menu decision.

Samsung – RM40D SMART Signage TV

The Samsung-RM40D SMART Signage TV is an excellent mid-sized digital menu board for a restaurant. With 200+ templates included in the software, it is easy to create daily menu specials to promote and boost sales. The ability to manage restaurant menus and specials from a PC or any mobile device means you can make changes whenever and wherever you are with ease. The Samsung-RM40D SMART Signage TV is professional grade and designed to operate 24/7 under harsh environments.

Take your business to the next level with our all-in-one solution for TV & digital signage. The Samsung SMART Signage TV gives you a 40” or 48” high definition, professional grade TV, along with the capability for so much more. With the included software, you can add your own promotional content, and control it all from your PC or mobile phone. It’s a solution designed to make your business better. It’s a solution designed for you. Create New Opportunities.

Premier Mounts tl60-rtmThe Premier Mounts – TL60-RTM lightweight floor stand combination includes the PSD-TL60 and RTM-L rotating Mount.
The PSD-TL60 includes 60 in. polished chrome poles while the RTM-L provides 360º of rotation for horizontal or vertical display configuration. Weight capacity 160 lb./73 kg

Lightweight Floor Stand with 60 in. Dual-Poles and Rotating Mount for Flat-Panels