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Quick Overview

Data Call Technologies Inc. provides timely, relevant and constantly updated information as an infotainment service for digital signage. A repeating message gets old and ignored while constantly updated and relevant information keeps people engaged.

As a restaurant owner engaging your customers are important for increased sales, customer retention and growth. Improve your restaurant branding by keeping your customers engaged while maintaining your core message. Who doesn’t like to maintain informed about news, weather, sports, financials, traffic and general interests? Use this technology in your lobby, waiting area or randomly placed displays where your patrons can view them and receive information that is relevant to them all while building your customer loyalty.

Do you want to know how to positively engage your customers while increasing your brand awareness? Try using these infotainment ideas from Data Call Technologies Inc.:

US and Global Headlines, Business, Sports, Science, Health, and Entertainment News. All available with relevant images provided in 16:9 and 4:3 ratios via MRSS or XML. Straight RSS without images available as well.


Weather data customized to your specific location is updated constantly throughout the day. We offer Current Conditions and Forecast Data as well as Doppler, Rainfall, Temp, and Snowfall Imagery. Above dynamic slides available in Playlist Ready Products via MRSS.


Daily schedules for all major sporting events, college and professional, Sports Lines, Field Conditions, etc. In game scores and updates as they happen!


general-interestGENERAL INTERESTS
Daily trivia, born on this date, this date in history, thought for today and today’s horoscopes.



Global financial indicators, NYSE major winners, losers and movers. Energy, Currencies, Bonds, and Metals.



Traffic reports for the 52 largest metropolises’ in the country. Traffic Jam Factors, Criticality and Trends are provided in these feeds. Traffic maps are also available with traffic trouble indicated.


Imagine the possibilities in your restaurant! Your customers will appreciate the service and you can bet they will tell their friends about your restaurant.