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Quick Overview

Industry-leading ease of use – that‘s what makes Wondersign the perfect content management system for your digital menu boards.

Entirely cloud-based it allows you to edit and instantly update your menu boards from anywhere in the world using any standard web browser. An easy-to-use template editor lets you update and change your menu boards within minutes. Increase the average order value, maximize profits, and save precious time.

The easiest way to manage content on digital menu boards

Instant Updates, Pricing & Nutritional Info Compliance

Instantly update prices, calorie counts and promotions with easy-to-use templates. Changes are immediate and inexpensive. For a single or multiple locations from anywhere in the world by using your standard web browser. Explore the Wondersign features for digital menu boards by clicking on the “features” tab.

QUESTION: I don’t want to spend too much time maintaining and updating my menu boards. What’s the best solution to make updates as quickly as possible?

ANSWER: The best solution for a busy restaurateur is Wondersign in combination with one of the many compatible media players or signage screens. The cloud-based software runs in any standard web browser and is very intuitive to use. Changes can be made in seconds and the easy-to-use template editor lets you manage your menu board content without any technical knowledge. An iOS app gives you monitoring and connecting control over your digital menu board screens from the convenience of your smartphone. Wondersign is simple, yet powerful and very affordable – even for small one-store operations.

Maximize profits by promoting high margin items at exactly the right time: Wondersign lets you schedule tailored messages to each customer group by daypart
– Running low on an item? Overstocked on another? Make changes instantly, easily and in real-time from anywhere in the world
Increase your average order value by promoting the right items to the right customer group and by being able to quickly adapt to behavioral changes
– Wondersign is entirely web-based, no additional software is required, no downloads or local installations necessary
Intuitive drag&drop interface eliminates the need for extensive training and support
– All files are automatically transcoded and optimized for the individual screen
Easy-to-use template editor lets you make changes to menu boards in minutes
iOS app lets you control your menu board screens conveniently from your smartphone
– Wondersign provides intelligent signage by integrating with anonymous consumer analytics software

Wondersign is fully hardware-independent and is designed to work with a multitude of digital signage players and signage screens from different manufacturers. Menu Board Depot will help you choose the hardware that fits your needs.

Wondersign offers apps, watchdog apps, and device manager apps to remotely control and troubleshoot hardware, which makes it convenient to centrally manage even a big network of signage players and screens. Wondersign is ideal to retrofit existing screens in an affordable way. New rollouts are cost-effective thanks to the hardware-agnostic flexibility.

Hardware features at a glance:
– Full support for LAN, WiFi, and even 3G/4G connectivity if necessary
– Fully compatible with SMIL-based (industry-standard) commercial grade media players
– Fully compatible with Android-based player devices (Android OS 4.2+)
– Fully compatible with Google chromebox media player hardware thanks to native Chrome app
– Fully compatible and optimized for Samsung Software-on-Chip displays (Samsung Smart Signage Platform)
– Fully compatible with NEC OPS Android modules for a variety of NEC displays
– Fully compatible with SMIL-based touch signboards and Android-based touch tablets